Roquette at CCE International Münich – 19-21 March 2013


ROQUETTE, vegetal based solution provider for sustainable papermaking, will participate to CCE International in Münich, Germany from March 19th to March 21st 2013 on stand n° 241.


In focus :

  • a technical offer to regain control over glue and gluing (for sacks and corrugated board)
  • New solution : a green alternative to borax

Roquette will present at the International Exhibition for the Corrugated and Folding Carton Industry:

  • Its technical offer for the corrugated board industry based on:

- a range of starches produced from three raw materials - maize, wheat and pea
- an automatic kitchen glue which can make corrugating adhesive using any of the main processes (Stein-Hall, Pristim, No-Carrier and Minocar)
- the training of the operators on the:

  - equipment
  - glue and its formulation
  - the  gluing process
  - process control

This technical offer ensures the optimisation of every customer’s complete product mix and reduces the manufacturing cost of the corrugated board. The board manufacturer regains control of the glue and the gluing process.

  • a green alternative to borax

A new starch solution enhances the gluing performances of all recipes (single wall, triple wall). 

Come and visit us on our stand 241